ULV Treatment & fogging

About ULV treatment & fogging.

ULV treatment is a space spray treatment using specialised equipment to produce  very small droplets of chemical to, disinfect or deodorise. It can also be used on insects.  Ultra Low Volume (ULV) spraying utilises minimal volume of formulation required to produce desired effect with maximum efficiency. treatment can be very effective.

Disinfecting treatments can be done with a hand held fogging machine for awkward places such as lofts and crawl spaces.

Active limited use the tried and tested px formulas from killgerm ltd.

A liquid biocide for space-spray (ULV) application & fogging. It can be used against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Specially formulated for use in human dwelling situations where rodent infestations and bird contaminated areas pose risks. For use at waste transfer stations and treatment facilities and similar location where health risks posed by bio-aerosols need to be controlled. It can be very effective in kennels, catteries, stables, poultry houses, void properties, drug users’ habitats and other situations where biohazard risk has been identified.

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