Ant colonies can be huge, containing thousands of individuals.

Garden Ants are the most common type to cause a problem, and occasionally the smaller Ghost Ants which are attracted to heated buildings.  Infestations of Pharoah’s Ants (smaller than garden ants and red/light brown in colour) are being increasingly seen in blocks of flats.  They love the communal central heating system, plentiful water supply and availability of food, but can pose a risk to health by transmitting the germs that cause food poisoning.

Good hygiene is essential and professional pest control must be brought in to eradicate the colonies.

TREATMENT – After a survey and risk assessment has been carried out, our Pest Control Technician will decide on the best treatment to suit your situation.  This would generally consist of a gel baiting programme which, when taken back to the nest, will be passed onto the colony and queen, in a common garden ant treatment this proves very effective.  A residual spray may also be used.