Cockroaches are similar to beetles but have longer antennae and one egg can contain up to 30 cockroaches, which can reach maturity in just a matter of weeks.  They love warm and humid conditions, especially kitchens, laundries and boiler rooms.  Cockroaches hide by day and come out at night to forage for any food they can find.

A cockroach infestation poses a serious risk to health from the various diseases they carry, contaminating utensils, work surfaces and food.  Unfortunately, with a good ability to hide, cockroaches are notoriously difficult to eliminate.

TREATMENT – After a survey and risk assessment has been carried out, our Pest Control Technician will decide on the best treatment to suit your situation.  This would probably consist of monitoring traps to determine location and size of the colony, followed by a gel bait treatment.  Follow up treatments may well be required depending on the species and size of the infestation.