Infestations frequently occur in homes, out-buildings and garages when rats often seek warmth indoors during the colder months.  Signs of an infestation include, scratching, gnaw marks, chewed electrical cables, pipes and droppings.

Rats are renowned for raiding human food and poultry stores and for spreading disease such as Weil’s disease, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, rat bite fever, Leptospirosis and Salmonella, all of which can pose a significant threat to public health.

There are two species in the UK, the brown rat and the black rat.  The brown rat is more common and the larger of the two.  Rats reproduce very quickly, having up to twelve young every five to six weeks and have a lifespan of up to 3 years.

Like mice, rats contaminate more food than they consume and a suspected infestation should be treated immediately by a professional pest controller.

TREATMENT – After a survey and risk assessment has been carried out, our Pest Control Technician will decide on the best course of treatment to suit your situation.  This would usually consist of monitoring with non-toxic bait to determine the location and size of the colony.  Once this has been determined, a programme of works is put together to safely and humanely eradicate the problem.